Nyjah’s DC Shoe Release Party

06.01.13 – Matt Price

Last night, DC threw a delightfully decadent get-together celebrating the release of Nyjah Huston’s first pro shoe. We were in the front row to catch all the beautiful people doing beautiful things.

Pang’s posse pulls powerful poses.

Louie and Curran are not letting puberty get them down.

IMG_6373 copy
Jereme and Tim catching up. It’s like pitching underhand to Babe Ruth.

IMG_6375 copy
Baby Schitzo is everywhere, always.

IMG_6378 copy
Big Cat and Mikemo are in the upper echelon of the nicknamed celebretay.

IMG_6382 copy
Wes and P Kid doing it big for the Mafia.

IMG_6384 copy
Shit was on fire!

IMG_6386 copy
Bros as far as the eye can see. Miller, Strubing, Frederick, Lenoce, Donut, and Romar know how to celebrate.

IMG_6387 copy
Donut knows what’s good! Go get this shirt at our shop NOW!

IMG_6388 copy
Dom was enjoying the fruits of his bro’s labor.

IMG_6389 copy
The perks of being Born A Lion.

IMG_6391 copy
Romar and Ellington and some suspect lurkers.

IMG_6392 copy
The kids are always Snapchatting.

IMG_6397 copy
Celebrity artists were everywhere! Good to see Mike Kershnar in the mix.

IMG_6402 copy
Once Loy shows up, it means the party is worth going to.

IMG_6405 copy

IMG_6407 copy
Appreciating those who appreciate sports entertainment.

Jeff Taylor and Shane Reddy having some family-man talk.

IMG_6411 copy
Mike Blabac and his lady Emily were in good spirits.

IMG_6413 copy
Loy always finds the cheeks.

IMG_6416 copy
B.K. 2.0 and Mr. Ripndip himself, caught in the act of bromance.

IMG_6422 copy
Andrew Pot is back on the long hair again.

IMG_6417 copy
Strutang is always good for cutting a nice rug.

IMG_6420 copy
The Legendary Late Night Link made it all the way from AZ!

IMG_6421 copy
Open bar!

IMG_6425 copy
This would be a heavy crew to go golfing with.

IMG_6394 copy
The man of the hour opted for a white-out look.

IMG_6396 copy
Curran swooped in for a classic photo bomb.

IMG_6424 copy
A light-up pool means you’ve made it. Congratulations, Nyjah and thanks DC for an epic night!