Amerealca F*ck Yeah

06.26.13 – Templeton Elliott

Head to Stoner Plaza in LA on July 6 for Amerealca Fuck Yeah, a skate jam/celebration with food events, and the Real team. Click through for all the details.

Next Saturday, July 6th the REAL team is headed to Stoner Park in LA for a Skate Jam Celebration, AmeREALca FUCK YEAH! Come out and join the party with Jake Donnelly, Dennis Busenitz, Chima Ferguson, JT Aultz, Justin Brock, Na-Kel Smith, Alex Midler, HUF, Massimo Cavedoni, Davis Torgerson, Ernie Torres, Peter Ramondetta, James Hardy, Kyle Walker, Robbie Brockel, Ishod Wair and more. There’ll be hot wing and pie eating contests, crash up derby races, skateboard stunts and tons more. Be there Saturday, July 6th Stoner Park 1PM.