Zach Lyons On Coalatree

04.22.13 – Templeton Elliott

Coalatree has a rad video for their team rider, Zach Lyons.

Home Town: Gardiner, Maine

Current City: Baltimore, Maryland

Plans for 2013: Visit the COALATREE FARM! Magenta has some big plans with videos and trips etc., and of course world domination.

Favorite City to Skate: I went to Bordeaux, France this summer and it was insane, streets paved with marble.

Favorite people to skate with: Oh gosh, I could on and on, but just to name a few, all my DC and Baltimore buddies and the Magenta team.

Other Hobbies: Hanging out with my girlfriend, partying with my buddies, looking for spots on the Spot Finder 9000 (my bike); I keep it pretty simple.

Sponsors: COALATREE, Magenta, Pitcrew,Bones Bearings, Adidas, Bohtz Bolts,Broadcast Wheels

Favorite plant to grow: Radish

Favorite farm animal: Alpaca