Skater’s Atlas: Bangkok

04.05.13 – Templeton Elliott

Skater’s Atlas just released their Bangkok issus with enough videos, photos, and words to keep you stoked into the weekend.

SKATERSATLAS.COM, a free online video magazine about Skateboarding & Culture, just released ISSUE No. 4 BANGKOK. Featuring undiscovered locals as well as pro skaters in a city montage and a full video part, a featured artist and a featured photographer, a skaters cookbook, a city spotlight and a music section and amongst others, ISSUE N0. 4 BANGKOK gives a personal insight into Thailand’s capital. The issue is available online for free on It was filmed & produced in February and March 2013 in Thailand. The issue consists of the following short documentaries and articles:

a skate montage with some of Bangkok’s locals and some of the numerous skaters from abroad
a full video part with Canadian Shawn Ward
an additional interview with Shawn Ward
an artist portrait of Thun “TRK” Puchpen
a skaters cookbook with Peter cooking traditional Thai
a portrait of record label and vinyl shop ZUD RANGMA Records
a city spotlight about Bangkok and its scene
and a portrait of German skate photographer Florian “Burny” Hopfensperger