Red Bull Perspective (Slight Return) For TSM Issue #109

02.11.13 – Kevin Wilkins

The last days of Red Bull Skateboarding’s visit to Phoenix found us in the double-time shadows of the oldest warehouse in the downtown area and the last-place team in the NBA’s Western Conference, the Phoenix Suns. Maybe next year, sports fans.

PHX all y’all.

If you guys are shopping around, Torey Pudwill is available to run point.

Puds could be the new sunny face of the Suns, no problem.

The man behind the snakehead golf cart, the PHX Suns sculpture, the Levine Machine, and the cool-as-fuck owner of the Seed & Feed warehouse in downtown Phoenix … the one, the only, Michael Levine.

Rycenzo and Zered street stretch.

Dock life.

Dr. Z. Insert your favorite train song reference.

’Teebs claims Manitou Springs, but honestly, he’s lost his cold-weather chops.

In big-production film terms, how you like them apple crates?

Wires and mirrors.

Checking the spot.

Dock life (slight return).

Sexy’s already back, but now Pricey Hot’s working on a slight return of awesome.

How do you feel about this mood lighting?

Puds and Zered on the alternate angles.

Sheck’s back.

Rycenzo gets pushy.

Dock life (son of slight return).

Then we hit the beach.

The kids love pulling tubes.

‘Teebs and Zed laughing about all those tubes they got.

Mr. C. monitors tubes.

Ricki got at least one tube while we were there.


Oh, yeah. Before I forget. Check the ten-page “Confusin’ To Your Mind: Red Bull Perspective” article in issue #109 of The Skateboard Mag — in skateshops everywhere this week. Also, don’t forget to check the site Friday morning, bright and early, for the release of the Red Bull Perspective video from this epic shred adventure.