Red Bull Perspective Guest Post: Tom Curran’s Snaps

02.15.13 – The Skateboard Mag

The Red Bull Perspective video is premiering later today, so you’re going to want to get mentally prepared for that. But in the mean time, check out these recently declassified, exclusive, behind-the-scenes spy photos from Red Bull Skateboarding’s athlete marketing guy, Tom Curran.

Price, what did you do with that griptape?

T Puds always has time for a little nap.

Canadians are so funny! Right, Decenzo?

Don’t ever let Atiba make popcorn in your house.

Free for life.

Don’t lose to Zered in a game of SKATE.

Professional Bondo job.


Zered’s 50-50 vs. Torey’s mall grab. You pick the winner.

Into the sun. Rycenzo.

Atiba has love for the homies.

So Nebraska.

Shecks, did you see that light flare?
No, I was watching my back noseblunt slide.

Surf’s up, Bro

Life through rose-colored goggles.

Hey, can you hold my board for a second?

Zered gets fully tubed. Fully.