Red Bull Perspective For TSM Issue #109

02.07.13 – Kevin Wilkins

A winter escape to the Phoenix area, Red Bull Skateboarding gathered a four pack of their street killers for a 10,000-frame-per-second filming mission called Red Bull Perspective. My camera only shoots like one or two distorted frames per second, so I guess I was there to balance the scales.

Staring Zered Bassett as Master of Hamstrings.

Pricey Hot is Horse Whisperer.

Shecks and Rycenzo were cast as the muscle of the gang.

Torey was born for the part of Sandman.

I’ll be playing the role of Rosa Parks.

Jet Ski action.

Shecks ties his own knots.

Catapults r us.

A Dude and his rig.

TC Media Mix.

Shadows: So hot right now.

Bean transfer up.

How’s your whole … life?

Sheckler breaking fast.

Matt holds on to the kids’ permission slips.

Then a quick lunch. Dr. Z knows all spots for New England cuisine.

Wonder Bread skate wax.

You know what, man? Your rage is my fuel.

Wind it down for the evening. Wait. I mean morning.