South Africa Update

01.21.13 – Matt Price

I’m out here in Cape Town with some bros taking a little skate vacation, and Ryan Lay was nice enough to shoot some photos of whats been going on for you guys to check out. Keep an eye out for more coming from Ryan, Jaws, Marty Murawski, Chris Pfanner, Charles Collet, and all the other dudes that have been shredding with us in Africa. Enjoy!

Charles doesn’t go anywhere without his guitar.

Jaws frontside flips a little bump after a harsh ankle roll took him out for 3 months.

Some gnarly prison tattoos on the locals.

This is pretty much the view everywhere you go.

I bought a sweet keyboard and pretty much changed the music game forever.

Pfanner and his shadow.

Pfanner reflects.

Pfanner flys a 360 melon at the local park.

Jaws brought his Appalachian mouth harp for the jam sessions.