Waiting For Lightning: Unite And Take Over

12.11.12 – Kevin Wilkins

Skateboarders of the world … The rest of the planet now knows what you’ve known for years: Skateboarders are better than everyone at everything. But how’d they discover this truth after so many decades in the dark? They downloaded Waiting For Lightning by the truckload and made it the #1 Documentary, the #1 Sports Film, and the #1 Independent Film on all of iTunes.

After last Friday’s release, Waiting For Lightning is playing on so many TVs and computers, that surely you’ve noticed the uptick of people giving you respect. Sorry to say, though, that has nothing to do with you.

Actually, I’m not sorry to say that.

This recent boost in the outward, worldwide reverence for skateboarders may only last as long as it takes to wax up that new bench your parks and rec department installed, but it’s respect gained nonetheless. And once it’s out there it can’t die. People think you’re way gnarlier now than they used to, and that’s all thanks to Danny Way and his pure domination of this spinning blue-green rock.

Waiting For Lightning, directed by Jacob Rosenberg, doesn’t just catalog the most recent stunt work of a man’s man. It inspires and humbles through a weighty piece story telling that follows Way from his earliest days as a shred-sled prodigy, through a laundry list of physical and emotional hardships (each of which would sideline any normal human being), to his current phase of making skateboarding gnarly enough to match his ground-breaking super powers.

Do yourself a solid: Check out Waiting For Lightning today. At the very least, it’ll help you understand why skateboarders are well on our way to taking over the world. More than that, though, WFL spells out why we’re all better people because we lived at the same time (and on the same planet) as someone as innovative, as motivated, and as raw Danny Way.