Thomas Bonilla Fund Rager Photos

12.08.12 – Shad Lambert

Big thanks to everyone for donating and coming out to the Thomas Bonilla Fund Rager. About 1800 was raised at the party and people are still donating on the website, you guys rule. Here’s some pics from the party, enjoy!
Geoff Kowalchuck, Thomas Bonilla, and Slash ready to rage. Thomas actually had to be put in a safe spot away from possible party accidents, but he still raged pretty hard for having a busted femur and kneecap.

Everyone that donated got a raffle ticket, Baca went for the free Pizzanista of course.

Justing Strubing, Boosh, and DJ Chavez.

Greco was testing out his Brigadas in the photo booth.

Nuge and Abby.

Frankie and Koki.

Gabe and Brownie.

Photo nerd moment with Jeremy Adams, Shad Lambert, and David Broach.

2012′s Rager of the year Figgy with 1999′s Rager of the year Huey.

Nathan kicking out the jams. Nathan usually spins at Tony’s every Thursday and he always plays good music. Big thanks to him for setting this up and making the flyer too.

Jana and Kimmy helping hold the money and dishing out raffle tickets. Thanks to Kimmy for organizing everything.

Alexis Gross hooked up some pizza for the party. She also shot the new Creature catalog with hot babes, go check it.

Johan Stuckey OD’d on blonde.

P ia for Paul, O is for Otvos.

Danozone and Tyler Schubert talking about their next project with Deniro (Tyler’s Deniro face impression that is).

Alex Gourdouros gets so annoyed because I always want to take photos with him.

Jessica, Boosh, and Fos.

Johan, Rosa, and Happy Daniel Shimizu.

I heard Richie Jackson won the mustache contest!

Oh, what up Purple!?

Lany made all the Raiders fans mad, and she also ran the pool table.

Dustin Dollin making sure Nuge’s records smell like records and not like an iPhone.

Hey look it’s Skate Talk Live’s Bob! And he found that stupid letter.

I guess this is me and Lizard saying thanks for coming! Everyone nailed it thanks for the support buds.