Tampa Am Post Mortem: Day Three

12.10.12 – Kevin Wilkins

A day after the finals are over and done, we’re kind of suffering from a Tampa Am hangover. No headaches or listlessness, but a deep sense of “Now what do we do?” That’s how all consuming this SPoT 20th Anniversary + Tampa Am was, and it’s quite possible that we were all in too deep.

Which is funny — in a totally not funny way — since aside from the 300 dudes skating, the huge cast of worker bees behind the scenes at Tampa Am, and another few hundred people in attendance, you and I just watched the proceedings from the comfort of our own wi-fi connections. How could we be so consumed with the broadcast of an amateur skateboarding contest that it’s left us bored and questioning exactly what we’re supposed to be doing? Is this the future? Is this the new now? Or is this just a bad case of the Mondays?

I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure we’re supposed to be skating, not looking around for the next epic skate broadcast. So after you check this selection of Rodent‘s Tampa Am bro-down snapshots, give the entire SPoT staff a virtual high five and move along — you’ve only got like 360 days to get ready for Tampa Am 2013.

Your 2012 Tampa Am champion, Alec Majerus, has a sweet plaque and a new psycho, photo bombing fan to go with it.

Another army of of bros in arms: Ryan Dewitt, Sebo Walker, Stevie Perez, and Erica Yary.

The supremely talented Mark Suciu and the supremely gravel throated Tim O’Connor.

Long, lost first-name cousins: Jon Mehring and Jon Constantino.

Mad muggers: Kevin Bradley, Nakel Smith, and Tyshawn Jones.

The first ever Tampa Am Fan Favorite, Pat Shaefer.

A quick break from the shoulder-to-shoulder sitch, Neal Hendrix interviews Tom Remillard for the live broadcast.

Bro Style + Toy style = Leo, Daniel, and the Butcher.