Tampa Am Snappers: Swing On This

12.08.12 – Kevin Wilkins

Full swing, as they say. Kinda creepy, kinda childish, but still, they say that.
We just say that Tampa Am is going off right now and for the next couple days. Rodent is at the Skatepark Of Tampa collecting souls for his dark arts dungeon that no one’s supposed to know about, and he sent us a few snappers as proof of the swinging. Fully.

Still not sure how to pronounce Cuates, but by all accounts they are bros and they are nailing it on a regular basis.

If you want at Daniel Lutheran or Justin Damer, you’re going to have to go through Sinclair.

Flip rolls pretty deep .. and with Kevin Bradley.

Heath Kirchart is in the house.

Heavy Metal Backlot.

Tierney and RB witness DJ Wade’s hungover tat.

#powermoveseverydamnday Luther and Kasper. Dot com.

Super real knows super real. Lance Mountain artwork for SPoT’s 20th anniversary.

TNT, Brian Schaefer, and Jamie Hart mug it up.