Neal Hendrix At Univ

12.10.12 – Templeton Elliott

Neal Hendrix is showing photos at Univ this Friday, December 14. Be there. Click through for all the details.

Neal Hendrix has spent the last twenty years living his dream as a professional skateboarder. Over that span, he accumulated a lot of broken bones, a couple million frequent flyer miles, a handful of X-Games medals and a passion to bring home amazing photos from the far-flung lands where skateboarding has taken him. Neal currently skates for Elephant Skateboards and is the Brand Manager at Camp Woodward.

“Skateboarding has shown me the world. I started out with crappy film cameras, moved to equally crappy digital point-and-shoot cameras, and eventually evolved to respectable tools of the trade,” says Neal. “Throughout that evolution, my creative passion crystalized: looking through a lens is no longer about documenting the places that I’ve skateboarded, but about capturing moments in the lives of people who live so differently from me, who get through their day in unusual ways, and who have never even seen a skateboard.”

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