Fundrager For Thomas Bonilla

12.05.12 – Shad Lambert

Friends and family of Skateboard Mag homie Thomas Bonilla have created a donation page to help him with his recovery from a his severe injuries suffered from a traffic accident. If you can attend the Fund “Rager” at Tony’s Saloon next to Pizzanista this Thursday December 6th that would be awesome. If you can’t make it up to LA you can still visit and share his donation page—every little bit helps, thank you!

“After a long night at Pizzanista on Friday 10/27, I made my way over to my wife’s work down the road. Once we closed her restaurant, we were making our way home. She was following me while I rode a scooter. I don’t remember what happened. I think I fell asleep and hit a car. I was unconscious in the street and I woke up at the hospital with a shattered knee cap, a compound fracture on my femur, and other injuries. Doctors gave me 5 months of bed-rest and I’m lucky to be alive. It’s true, shit happens.”