DGK Parental Advisory Premier

12.12.12 – Matt Price

DGK’s newest full length shred feature premiered last night in L.A. and Atiba checked in this morning with some photos of what appeared to be an epic night.

Adelmo Jr. and Rodrigo TX.

Vinny Ponte, Alfonzo Rawls, and Theotis.

Tyrone Romero and Jack Curtin.

Carroll, Lizard, Nuge, Biebel, and Rodrigo.

Carroll, Huf, Kevin Romar, Scott Johnston, and Aaron Meza.

Marcus McBride and Renee.

Biebel and Chany.

Theotis, Dollin, and fucking Wayman!

They all heart haters.

Juicy J.

Juicy J.

Cheeks love the Juice.