Cue The Q: Second Day Tampa Am Qualifiers

12.09.12 – Kevin Wilkins

The the cut to the Tampa Am semi-finals is a harsh one. Out of two days of qualifying, only 32 skaters (plus eight who qualified through the Damn Am series) squeeze through for a chance at one more harsh cut to the finals. And for the hundreds who made their way to this sweaty Tampa warehouse known as The Skatepark Of Tampa, running the gauntlet gets them nothing but nothing … which if you ask anyone here is more than enough.
This is THE TAMPA AM contest, after all — the best of the unpaid and unwashed best shredding in this shrine to DIY skate contest history: The Skatepark Of Motherfucking Tampa. If you’re here, you’re here, and that’s half the fun.
Rodent is still at the SPoT collecting G9 shots and thanks to him we have these sweet snappers to peep on this Sunday morning.

Bas-Ass Line-Up: Evan Smith, his uncle Mike Speranzo, Mike Frazier, and Ride Channel’s Jesse Fritsch. Check Bad-Ass Line-Up’s website for rock ’n’ roll tour dates.

The Don. Piscopo checks them new joints from Beats By Dre.

“So … which one of you is Mr. Bob Dobalina?” Erica asks the tough questions, right Porpe?

Love you, Erica!

Killa Mike (and his son who shreds) stomps the after-Q celebration.

The Meroneks are livin’ them Tampa blues.

Don’t forget, live today (Sunday at 11am EST) you can watch the semi finals and finals at Get on Instagram, hashtag #tsmfanfave, and help us pick the winner of this year’s Tampa Am Fan Favorite presented by The Skateboard Mag, The Skatepark Of Tampa, and Nike SB.