A Few More Pretty Sweet Photos

12.12.12 – Matt Price

Check out some photos from a roll of film I shot during a couple days out with the Pretty Sweet boys while they were filming in LA.

Trying to find parking in L.A. is not pretty sweet.

When we showed up Jeron had a blow out, which was also not sweet at all.

We thought we were getting the boot, but it turns it this guy was an old friend of Rogers from an episode of My Super Sweet 16 that they worked on together or something.

This is definitely a fan out photo. Getting to watch Ty and Spike at work is something special.

This is a solid foursome right here.

Snewman and Scuba. Two of my favorite people to snack with also happen to be top notch film makers.

Meza took me and Scuba to see the original Bat Cave, but we couldn’t get close enough to take a photo.

You can’t really tell, but Meza just ate some cheese wiz.

This is why he’s called Frost.

Kenny and Biebel working on their hand stands.

Kenny is a hippy. This is his fancy grease car.

Where it all happens.

Elijah went for the grab while Alex opted for the free air. I don’t think it mattered much to Marc or Daniel.

Marc was in high spirits so Daniel balanced him out.

Those trunk boys sure know how to party.