The Streets With Loys

11.28.12 – Matt Price

Some photos from a couple of weekends hitting the streets with the Loys and Ry Rey. You can always count on them for a good time.

Look at that angel.

Well, maybe not.

At least he’s not the guy who murdered someone with that thing.

Vince in his new white whip watching the big screen.

Ethan in some godish light.

Ethan got real good all of the sudden.

Excellent crew.

David got a clip, but it’s not blog material.

The crew discusses possible options.

Ethan consults the ultimate tool.

Ry Rey was donning some knockoffish Pyramid Country.

The ExtenZe Wagon.

Spot! Jaime Smiths quick and then the boot.

Sinner always knows how to keep the energy high.