Help Support Reggie

10.26.12 – Kevin Wilkins

It’s been nearly a week since we got word that our friend and Chicago skateboarder, Reggie Destin, had been run down by a drunk driver while he was out skateboarding. News was hard to come by, but we knew his injuries were serious, and everyone tried to do what they could — from heartfelt pleas to send Reggie positive thoughts to fundraising efforts on his behalf from friends and fellow skaters all over the world.

It’s been inspiring to see the amount of support that the skateboarding community has for one of their fallen friends, and no doubt, if Reggie can get better by all of us hoping and praying that they want it to happen, then the numbers are definitely on his side.

In that vein, The Skateboard Mag is offering up all the profits (around $10 a piece) from the sale of our S-Icon snapback hats to help with the rising costs of Reggie’s hospitalization.

Reggie will be able to use any support that comes his way, so please, either donate to his fundraiser, buy a photo, purchase a hat, or do all three. In this case, there no such thing as too much help.

If we hear about other fundraising options, we’ll let you know about them here, but in the mean time go skate for those who can’t and keep thinking positive thoughts for Reggie. Skateboarding needs him back on the streets.