Converse Coastal Carnage Practice Taste

08.04.12 – Kevin Wilkins

To be an Olympian you must practice … the rest of that story can be seen on NBC’s taped delay broadcasts.
To be a Converse Coastal Carnage competitor (CCCC) you must a) shred pretty fucking hard b) get invited, and c) run the U.S. Open gauntlet of sand, colorful underpants, and wristbands like a young man possessed. Oh, and you must practice.
There’s some new stuff at Coastal Carnage this year — a birdbath shallow end and waterfall, no banked walls, a bunch of pool coping, and a bmx ledge — and the whole shooting’ match has been reconfigured by the good men at SpeerCo Skateparks. The bowl is different enough that a bunch of dudes feel compelled to skate it for hours and hours at a time. Lucky for us, we bear witness.

Robbie Russo has been making the trip over from Pedro to HB the last few days and getting in his licks on the Shark Attack pillar. Back Smith. Photo: Swift

Tall Al (not to be confused with bearded Al) has also been getting up there on that pillar extension thingy. Here’s an example of what he’s got: Phillips-steeze frontside tap. Photo: Swift

Ben Raemers is taller than you’d expect and can fuck up an orange slice. Photo: Landi

Raemers can also get citrusy from the pillar to the cradle. Tall frontside cannonball. Photo: Swift

The land of @tempster_returns is alive and kicking. Photo: Landi

Riley Stephens gots yer frontside boneless one right here, buddy. Badda boom. Photo: Swift

My favorite anarchist, Nolan Johnson, stalls a proper invert on top of CCCC’s new concrete coping. Photo: Swift

Converse’s Steve Luther reminds Matt Price to keep his head to the sky (for the clouds tell me why). Photo: Landi

David Loy tosses a no hander from the pillar with a cradle, new cast and all. Photo: Swift

Ben Hatchell is no stranger to the danger of the Shark Attack. Front blunt up top. Photo: Swift

Al Partanen’s GBF (giant bearded face) floats into frame with Swift and I. Photo: Landi
Keep an eye out this morning for video of yesterday’s practice. Price and Ted should have it posed as soon as they get their asses out of bed.