Converse Coastal Carnage Semi-Finals Snappers

08.05.12 – Kevin Wilkins

A huge day unfolded at Converse Coastal Carnage on Saturday, and 42 skaters later, the final cut to fifteen was made for Sunday. But not before a bunch of shit eating, colliding, and cage-match near missing went down (not to mention some of the best CCCC skating to ever be witnessed in over three years of beachside skating).
For now, check out these snaps, pics, and photos while you wait for our video clip from today’s barn burner. Ted’s working on it now and it should be up and riding by the time you’re pouring the milk on your cereal

Tosh Townend liens into a Dizzy deep-end melan. Photo: Adams

A&A Movers. Arto and Al. Photo: Wilkins

Scuba and Bob cool off after a hot day in the frying pan. Photo: WIlkins

Ronnie Sandoval and Robbie Russo, two of Pedro's finest, reflect on an afternoon of utter destruction. Photo: Wilkins

Robbie Russo back Smithers up on the shark snout. Photo: Adams

Riley Stevens' and Ben Ramers' eyes are wide open. Photo: Wilkins

Pedro Barros marks the OC air with an invisible skid mark. Flying kickturn straight into the finals. Photo: Adams

Reyes, Pasquale, and Anderson beat the heat with tummies full of kale and some of that VIP shade. Photo: Landi

Omar Hassan and Josh Borden in crowded conditions. Photo: WIlkins

Doctor Spaceman, Omar Salazar. Photo: Landi

Vacation homie, Tyler Mumma. Photo: Wilkins

Koston and Berard: Brothers from different ... no, wait. Never mind. Photo: Wilkins

Milton Martinez goes yard. Nosegrind. Photo: Adams

David Loy takes the pause that refreshes. Smith stopper to ollie back in. Photo: Adams

Lance Mountain holds a proper invert up on the Shark Attack pillar. Photo: Adams

Kevin Kowalski displays the rarest of odd and tangled vegetation: the elusive frontside ice plant. Photo: Adams

Sinclair, Reynolds, and Rothmeyer: Weekend moderators. Photo: Wilkins

Double everyone's damn pleasure. Jaws and Chris Gregson. Photo: Adams

Converse's Andy Henrie and SPoT's Ryan Clements. Photo: Wilkins

Chris Gregson and Zach Dowdy. Photo: Wilkins

Greyson Fletcher, backside tailslide. Photo: Landi

Div's stoked. Photo: Wilkins

Bob Burnquist goes back Smithy in the birdbath. Photo: Landi

Max and Relax a.k.a. Berard and Bartie. Photo: Wilkins

The top fifteen looks something like this: 1. Ben Hatchell 2. Pedro Barros 3. Ben Raybourn 4. Curren Caples 5. Tom Remillard 6. Ben Raemers 7. Greyson Fletcher 8. Kevin Kowalski 9. Riley Stevens 10. Jaws 11. Raney Beres 12. Charlie Blair 13. Ronnie Sandoval 14. Robbie Russo 15. Lance Mountain

Tomorrow’s the CCCC finals and you can check out all the action LIVE over at our good friends’ site The first of three Coastal Carnage heats starts Sunday at 3:30 pacific time. Set your alarms, bros and bras.