AZ Street League…

08.03.12 – Matt Price

Check out how the league of extraordinary gentleman in Phoenix looked through my eyes this year.

Fuck going H.A.M. Ishod goes H.U.L.K. on his t shirt.

Vlad and Gabbers discuss the importance of your T.P.M. (tricks per minute) in relation to your over all score.

Breathe it in boys, this is what we do!

Sparks and Dylan carbo-load before the finals. The athlete lounge never disappoints.

Schnur is sober as a bird, right Carrol?

Keep em coming! He knows Koston…

Sam teaching Preston that it’s just as important to double fist cake, as it is beer.

An intense moment for the boss.

Nyjah, feeling the pressure.

Blank stare is usually a sign of a rolled ankle. Bummer Mo.

Nyjahs in a fog from all that Monster energy they pour down his throat.

Sean and Sam are BFF.

O… M… G… did he do it!?

He did… fuck yeah Paul!

From there on it was all a blur.

Until more shredding started again, in which case I was not equipped to document, but I tried anyway. Tommy Gunz bs 360

Bastien BS flip, you are good, but he is better.

Thiebaud gets more stoked on shredding than anyone!

Appease the fans you Colombian Rocker you.

The crowd was being run over by excitement…

Then it was time for a night cap… See you next year!