X GAMES 2012

07.06.12 – Jeremy Adams

Here are some photos from the skateboard street section from the past X Games. The contest was heated besides the actual heat that the sun was providing. The finals included Manny Santiago, Ryan Decenzo, Chaz Ortiz, Paul Rodriguez, Ryan Sheckler, and Nyjah Huston. Paul came in first followed by Ryan Sheckler in second and Nyjah Huston in third.

Nyjah with a 360 flip lip down the rail.

Chris Cole, gap to noseblunt.

Mikey Taylor, frontside feeble.

Manny Santiago, kickflip over the rail.

Ryan Sheckler, huge frontside air.

Ishod Wair, backside flip on flag poll bump.

Ryan Decenzo, switch backside feeble.

Paul Rodriguez, switch frontside bluntslide.

Ryan Sheckler, 360 flip over the roof gap.

Luan Oliveria, backside flip over the table the long way.

Ryan Decenzo, kickflip lip on the gap to rail.

Chaz Ortiz, fronside five-0.

Paul, switch flip frontside boardslide.

Collin Provost, backside bluntslide.

Ishod, backside nosegrind.

Paul with a switch 360 flip.

Paul is hyped on his X Games win.

Even Lil Wayne had to give his boy Paul some props on the win.