Almost 5-incher Premiere Photos

06.04.12 – Jeremy Adams

I headed down to the Almost 5-Incher premiere in Long Beach to go suss out the new video. Here are some photos from the night.


The Hummer party bus has arrived with Jordy Clot.

Yuto and Daniel.

One of the homies, Shmatty, is also one of the new kids on Almost so he brought the hummer limo.

Shmatty is about 8.5 inches.

Trevor and Trent, but no Taylor?

Found Taylor McClung roaming around out in the front.

Carlos Ribeiro and Junior.

James Craig is the man.

My man Brett was there.

The one and only Bart Jones.



Luis with a speech.

Daewon and Robbie.

Robbie’s hat is sick.

Shmatty and Rodney.

The video was sick. Thanks Daewon, Shmatty, Rodney, James, and Luis for a good night. See you at the next one.

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