Skate For A Cause Presented By Etnies And The Sheckler Foundation 2012

05.21.12 – Jeremy Adams

Skate for a Cause presented by etnies and the Sheckler Foundation was held at the etnies Skatepark in Lake Forest, California, couple weekends ago. The event is to raise money for the lives of children that have been injured in action sports. This year the Sheckler Foundation raised $50,000.00 bucks. Hope next year they can do the same. Here are some photos from the event.

Ryan Sheckler taking photos with fans.

Skate For A Cause.

Ryan backside 180s over the ledge.

Manny Santiago. Kicklip backside 50-50.

Trent and Trevor McClung.

Felipe Gustavo. Switch kickflip manual.

Ryan Decenzo. Switch frontside flip.

Luis Tolentino.

Here’s a random kid doing a huge melon … I don’t know what to say.

Johnny Hernandez and Manny Santiago.

Ryan with a frontside 540.

Felipe Gustavo.

Kevin Romar. Nollie heelflip.

Taylor McClung.

Ryan Sheckler crooked grinds up.

James Craig and Ronnie Creager.

Nick Tucker and Fromar.

Ryan Decenzo.

Ryan Sheckler. Backside tailslide.