Phx Am

04.07.12 – Jeremy Adams

I went to Pheonix Am this year with my buddy Ed Dominick and shot some photos. These shots are from Saturday’s qualifiers and Sunday’s finals.


Trevor Colden does a switch flip while Taylor Smith watches hows it’s done.

Luis, Louie, Na-Kel, Anttravis, and Kevin.

John Fitzgerald air time.

Taylor McClung varial heelflip like a boss.

My boy Steezest Christ showed up.

Trevor Colden. Backside 180 nosegrind.

Kevin Bradley got swag.

Louie Lopez makes faces all the time.

Louie’s got his players’ club face on.

Longboarder getting some with a nosegrind.

Trent McClung noseblunt.

Tommy Fynn backside overcrooks.

Alex Midler.

Moose. Backside 360s on lock.

Kevin Bradley. Kickflip melon grab.

Matt Gottwig blasting an ollie.

Na-Kel is a G.

Na-Kel got a sick wolf ring.

Taylor Smith. Kickflip fronside 50-50.

Oscar Meza’s tailslide.

Jared Lucas getting some good angles.

Moose. Frontside bluntslide.

Kevin Bradley. Frontside feeble.

Kevin needs some new pants.

Best Trick was intense.

Arizona people are crazy.

Ben Hatchell with his winning trophy.