Baker Boys Distribution Skate Shop Night

04.18.12 – Jeremy Adams

I got a text message from Doughnut saying to come out to the warehouse and peep game on some skate action at the new Baker Boys TF. So I showed up and it was a skateshop night with free beer, free pizza, and a skate contest for the kids.

Shane posted in front of the Shake Junt wall.

Sinner. Varial heel.

Erik gave up his chair to the kids, but at least he had a box to sit on.

Purps was the MC.


Jeff Leonce.




Shane pointing out some new techniques to The Boss.

Shane has a bet with Sinner for a hardflip backside tailslide.

I didn’t get the hardflip backside tailslide but Sinner landed and then¬†threw in this switch flip backside tailslide for fun.

Sinner stoked on the twenty.

Dollin wants to start this contest.

Forest Edwards. 360 flip 50-50.

I don’t know this kid’s name but he rips.

Broken board alert.

This kid won the contest.

Andrew Reynolds. Fakie flip.

The Boss getting some heavy air time. Kickflip to fakie.