The Decenzos

03.15.12 – Jeremy Adams

As Hoops would say, the Super Decenzos. Ryan rides for Darkstar and is currently filming a promo that should rock your socks off, and Scott is filming for the epic Plan B video.

Ryan Decenzo.

Ryan and Scott play SKATE all the time before a session. Ryan with a nollie flip.

Scott eyeing up the rail.

Scott warms up with a switch boardslide.

A quick look at the hammer. Ryan, Phil, Hoops, and Scott.

Off to the next spot and Ryan is already finding the angles.

Ryan Broke a pencil, at this spot. Off to the next spot.

While Ryan was setting up a new pencil Greg Lutzka was warming up with a fronside five-0.

After putting a new pencil together, Ryan hopped into the session with a backside lipslide.

Hoops hyped on the skate day. Now it is time to get Suzukied.