Long Beach Skatepark Opening

02.15.12 – The Skateboard Mag

Some images from Saturdays’ Long Beach skate park opening at Mcbride park. Here is some info on the park taken from the Tony Hawk Foundation website: The McBride Skatepark is the recipient of a Tony Hawk Foundation grant and was featured at our 2010 Stand Up For Skateparks event in Beverly Hills. Long Beach has been a leader in providing its at-risk youth with safe, quality public skateparks, and the McBride Skatepark is the latest addition to its comprehensive skatepark program. The Tony Hawk Foundation is proud to partner with the Youth of Long Beach, local leaders, and the nonprofit ASK Long Beach youth-advocacy group to help make this skatepark a reality for Central Long Beach.

 Cross streets.

Tony Hawk was in the house.

Tony was killing the street course.

Long Beach’s Chad Tim Tim was there showing his support.

Tony has a mean 360 flip to fakie.

Legend Ron Chatman and daughter.

Ron Chatman with a frontside floater as The Birdman looks on.

Legends were everywhere.

Daewon Song.

Long Beach local/Legend Geoff Rowley and his family.

Geoff Rowley 360 kickflip.

Birdhouse am David Loy was there representing.

Long Beach shredder Danny Montoya with a stylish kickflip for the LBCity.