Plan B Costa Rica demo

02.09.12 – The Skateboard Mag

Some photos from a Plan B Demo in Costa Rica last month. Demo killers.

Ryan Sheckler fs bluntslide.

Ryan Sheckler nosegrind across and down.

Colin Mckay documenting.

Ryan Sheckler fs 180 switch crooked grind.

Torey Pudwill fs kickflip.

Paul Rodriguez nollie heelflip noseslide.

Paul Rodriguez varial heelflip bs nosegrind.

Paul Rodriguez switch fs bluntslide.

Ryan Sheckler.

Torey Pudwill lipslide up and down.

One love.

Torey Pudwill nollie kickflip.

Paul Rodriguez bs noseblunt slide.

Pj Ladd.

Torey Pudwill bs 360 kickflip.

Ryan Sheckler gnarliest transfer I have ever seen.