Poler Napsack Contest Week-Two Winner

01.03.12 – Kevin Wilkins

Those dang holidays kinda caught up with us. Sorry for the delay, but we’re happy to announce that we have our second winner of the What’s In The Bag, Dad? Poler Napsack giveaway.Don’t forget, there are still two more chances for you to win your very own Poler Napsack —  once this week and once next week

The week-number-two winner is none other than:
Name: Jeffrey Halleran
Whereabouts: Golden Hill, California
Occupation: Unemployed now
Website: http://jeffhalleran.com/
List of your stuff (shortwinded): Poler Camo Magic Tarpit, Roler Rucksack, Poler Two Man Tent, MacBook Pro 13″, clean underwear, clean Toy Machine socks, Manwolfs éS, Manwolfs vest, Poler Venn diagram T-Shirt, The Skateboard Mag, Poler Venn diagram mesh hat, 5Boro 8.125″, Anti-Hero wallet, Mystery wax, iPhone charger, Shake Junt wax, Poler heat bags, stickers, skate tool, dominos, shades, 51mm urethane, Sony Hand-Cam for playback, transfer, mini DV tapes, VX batteries, Fallen Hardy Ramblers, Sony VX 1000, walking stick, Macho Taildrop T-Shirt, Poler Napsack, Canon T2i, mini acoustic.

Keep reading to find out how to win your own Poler Napsack.

Once a week for the next two weeks, we’re going to give you a chance to win one of Poler’s hooded Napsacks, perfect for sleeping wherever you might find yourself sleeping — a friend’s couch, the back of a pickup, side of the road, or inside a tent.

Respectfully based on the good works of The Burning House, we’d like you to show us what you carry with you on those trips you take — skate trips, daytrips, week trips, month trips. Call it What’s In The Bag, Dad? Just unload your bag on the floor, shoot a photo, and post it to The Skateboard Mag Facebook page with a simple description:





List of your stuff (short-winded):

Keep a sharp eye out on The Skateboard Mag site and on our Facebook page for the most baddest of status updates and check back next weekend for the first of four weekly winners.

Here are a couple sweet examples of What’s In The Bag, Dad? photos from Poler skate team members, John Rattray and Chet Childress.

Name: John Rattray

Occupation: Uncertain

Whereabouts: Localised

Website: www.thepredatorybird.com

List of your stuff (short-winded): Pen, pencil, straight-edge, unlined notebook, T-shirt, wheels, canteen, book, wallet, camera of some sort, Thunder sticker, head torch, pocket knife one, pocket knife two, bottlecap.


Name: Chet Childress

Occupation: Skateboard Rider

Whereabouts: Unknown via Portland, Oregon.

Website: www.facebook.com/chet.childress

List of your stuff (short-winded): I swear I fit all this shit in this bag. Poler o.g. camo duffel bag, Exped sleeping mat that’s totally sick, Poler Napsack and The Man Tent, tarp for under tent, two knives, Tylenol PM, whatever this thing’s called that opens a bottle of usually cheap red wine, fire, little lamp, head lamp, hot sauce (always needed), toilet paper for them blowouts, camera, dice game (give me to money on that 4,5,6), hot pot holder, art pens and remembering pad, that Stumptown coffee, percolator, prison mug, sling shot (bb gun not shown but usually roll that Red Rider for games of beer can killer), socks, and beanie.