Poler Napsack Contest Week-Four Winner

01.16.12 – Kevin Wilkins

We’re more than stoked to announce that we have our fourth and final winner of the What’s In The Bag, Dad? Poler Napsack Contest!
Exclamation points!!!!
It’s been a great month thanks to all of you, so we’d be blowing it if we didn’t offer up our sincere and super bro-down gratitude to everyone who participated. It was awesome seeing a little slice of your lives. High five, good buddies.

The week-number-four winner of our What’s In The Bag, Dad? Poler Napsack Contest is none other than:

Clarence Kwok
Whereabouts: Diamond Bar, California
Occupation: Student/Part-Time Filmer
Website: youtube.com/thatguyceek
List of Supplies: 1986 Jeep Cherokee for shelter, my dog Hunter, stool, sleeping bag, Zip Zinger, Krooked socks, Vans ERAs, Brixton flannel, fur cap, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, razor blade, lighter, and a flashlight.

Please feel free to reminisce over this, for real (a quick look back at the other three week’s worth of Poler Napsack Contest winners):

Week-number-one winner:
Name: Mat MacDonell
Whereabouts: Santa Monica, California
Occupation: Co-Founder of SCENEgenius
Website: scenegeniusla.wordpress.com
List of your stuff (shortwinded): Stream walker studded boots, Poler coffee cup, felt hat, fish pack, whale-of-time belt, St. Croix 8′ 6″ 5 weight AVID series fly rod, URT Clothing 4th of July tank, Hemingway reads, home-spun flies in blue box, field dressing knife set, hand-me-down fishing vest from grandpa, Lands’ End down jacket, Canon AE-1, Tiffen 52mm Haze 1 Lens, Orvis reel quiver (full sink, 2 full float), headlight, and my Orvis waders all packed into my brand new Poler Duffaluffagus strapped atop The Stinger skate for easy transpo.

Week-number-two winner:
Name: Jeffrey Halleran
Whereabouts: Golden Hill, California
Occupation: Unemployed now
Website: jeffhalleran.com
List of your stuff (shortwinded): Poler Camo Magic Tarpit, Roler Rucksack, Poler Two Man Tent, MacBook Pro 13″, clean underwear, clean Toy Machine socks, Manwolfs éS, Manwolfs vest, Poler Venn diagram T-Shirt, The Skateboard Mag, Poler Venn diagram mesh hat, 5Boro 8.125″, Anti-Hero wallet, Mystery wax, iPhone charger, Shake Junt wax, Poler heat bags, stickers, skate tool, dominos, shades, 51mm urethane, Sony Hand-Cam for playback, transfer, mini DV tapes, VX batteries, Fallen Hardy Ramblers, Sony VX 1000, walking stick, Macho Taildrop T-Shirt, Poler Napsack, Canon T2i, mini acoustic.

Week-number-three winner:
Name: Thomasz Low
Whereabouts: Morresville, NC
Occupation: Carver, photographer
Website: parksharksnc.blogspot.com
List of your stuff (shortwinded): Random duffel bag, North Face sleeping bag, Coleman tow-man tent, tarp for under tent, quick-dry towel, Steve Madden jacket, Anti-Hero sled, metal wire, duct tape, The Skateboard Mag of choice, Travels With Charley, Vans Bad Brains Skate Hi’s, beanie, mug, markers, camera of choice, fishing pole, napkin, firecrackers or random fireworks, manfrotto monopod, Horizon 202 panoramic camera, film, b&w Spray paint, Vans backup laces, socks, razor blades, The Goat, mini pocket knife, bottle opener, gloves.