The Recordings – Jawbreaker

12.13.11 – Ed Dominick

Jawbreaker “Unfun” 1990

I remember my good friend Dee giving me a Jawbreaker 7” and telling me “you got to check out this band, I think that you’ll like them”. I already trusted his taste in music and sure enough he was right. I was blown away and immediately went out and bought the album “Unfun”. That record pretty much was permanently attached to my turntable for months.

Even today, when I’m sifting through my records and come across my Jawbreaker collection, it ends up turning into a Jawbreaker marathon. Every album is great in it’s own way, but the album “Unfun” was pretty much my introduction to the band. Listening to the music today, it’s hard to believe the music is already over 20 years old.

It’s hard to compare Jawbreaker’s sound with other bands. Their sound stands alone as original as it gets. Early 90’s melodic punk and pretty much the godfathers of emo before it was even a known genre. Scruffy vocals with to the point and often witty lyrics of singer/guitarist Blake Schwarzenbach. Strong bass lines , melodic guitar and drum lines meld together perfectly to form a unique sound all it’s own.

Largely associated with the bay area punk scene of the early 90’s, Jawbreaker actually got their start in New York City. Later relocating to Los Angeles and eventually to San Francisco. After the band’s breakup in 1996, Schwarzenbach went on to form “Jets to Brazil”, bass player Chris Bauermeister played in Chicago based “Horace Pinker” and drummer Adam Pfahler went on to join “Whysall Lane”.

Classify it as punk, pop-punk, emo, what ever, it doesn’t matter. Jawbreaker had it ‘s own sound, with no need for classification. Listen to the music and who cares what it is. It’s good music.