For The Record – Dwarves

12.13.11 – Ed Dominick

From cute little Spongebob recordings and major movie soundtracks to violent throat stabbings and heavy nights of debauchery …


When you first started the band did you think it would last this long?

No, we’ve been breaking up since 1983.

What is “Extreme Skate Abuse” all about?

A young man from Canada wanted a song for free. This is very common and always annoying. So I gave him the track in exchange for abusing him and making fun of skateboarding. You can hear the track on my spoken word cd ‘Nina’, which everyone hated.

Are you still writing books? Do you have anything in the works?

My last book, ‘Nina’ was a much loved story of underage lust. Before that was Armed to the Teeth With Lipstick, an extremely confusing illustrated book done with the late Marc Rude. My newest one is about a conservative talk show host and why he’s so full of shit. It should be out this time next year.

What’s the shortest set you’ve ever played?

At the Epitaph showcase in NY 1998 we did half a song to protest the inclusion of ska bands on the bill. Once in Philly we did about 50 seconds, but that wasn’t short enough to get out of Philly.

How much money did you make off of having a Dwarves song in “Me, myself and Irene”?

We made a lot of money! Jim Carrey actually sang a long so he must have heard it at least once. A proud moment!

Did you get kicked off Sub Pop Records?

We told them to eat a dick and left the label. They went on to make even worse records than they did in the 80’s and we morphed into the greatest rock n roll band of all time.

Do you find it getting harder to live the sex, drugs and rock n roll lifestyle?

I find it harder to give it up.

Do you still skate?

I skated once in 1984 with a beer bottle in my hand. I fell and severed the nerves in my right hand some of which still don’t work to this day. Skating sucks!

What do you think attracts skateboarders to punk rock music?

They aren’t smart enough for classical.

The new album sounds great. What is Vadge so pissed about?

He’s pissed because I still get to fuck hot young girls while he has to be content pretending to be Satan. I love that guy!

What do you do when the Dwarves aren’t touring or in the studio?

I cry a lot and wonder where I’m going in life.

What has been your most awkward fan out moment?

It’s always good to have fans, especially female ones with braces. And I’m never awkward except getting out of a hot tub.

Do you prefer recording to analog or digital?

I like analog, but there a hundred other things to consider, too. The players, the instruments, the room, the compressors and mic pres, etc. Tape is cool, but you have to know how to use it. Almost no one dos anymore.

Anything new coming out from Earl Lee Grace?

I still make acoustic tracks and should have a new record next year. Not bluegrass like Earl Lee, but funny campfire songs.

What’s your radio show all about? is an eclectic mix of old and new, punk, garage and whatever else seems appealing. It’s put together by Mike Routhier and me and you can download the podcasts for free. So do it!

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