Foundation’s WTF! Premier..

11.01.11 – Bart Jones

Sierra Fellers

To be honest I really didn’t take most of the photos; I didn’t even know where my camera was for awhile, I think Pete Eldridge actually might of taken the majority of them. I was pretty much completely wasted by time the video was over, and yes I do think I’m a little too old for these kind of shenanigans but it wasn’t really my fault in my opinion. It all started when one of my teams the Cardinals won the world series, so I knew it was party time on that alone, also I’ve been trying to be less fat lately so I didn’t really eat anything all day; but then I realized there was gonna be a lot of people at the premier so I took just a tiny bit of anxiety medicine… Wait, never mind; now that I think about.. thats totally my fault… Click on the images if you wanna see them bigger.

Tony LaRussa

Hoffart and Elmendorf showed up in the team van, knowing these guys they’re probably goin’ skating after the premier or something..

Jordan and Derek

Dakota’s part will melt a portion of your brain!


Sierra with his beautiful wife Hanne..

Sierra and Hanne

Jeff Mikut with his girl Rachel and the PonceMan..

Rachel, Jeff, and Ponce

Ryan Spencer with some new teeth and his buddy Max..

Ryan and Max

Mr. an Mrs. Ray, Jeff, Mario, and Charlie waiting in line..

Charlie, Mario, Jeff, and The Ray's

No… It’s WTF! not the rum diaries.. and it’s Nick Merlino! not johnny depp..

The Art Theatre

Swank gets things started..

Swank takes the stage

The video puts it’s viewers into a hypnotic state..


This would be the second time I shot Sierra’s Tre Flip over this rail..

Sierra on the big screen

Looks like Abdias liked it..


My Circa homies, with a skateboarding hall of famer and his party juice for the night..

Dupont, Gallant, Miller, and Duffy

Whatchyu doin in der..


Cuban Bros..

Sean and Sierra

Dakota ain’t ashamed to bring his pops to the party..

Dakota with his dad

Excuse me sir… can you put the rum away..

McNulty, Elliott, and Guffy



Berle and the Duffman..

Elijah and Corey

Evening out the ratio.. kind of..



Chris Larue and Mike Sinclair..

Larue and Sinclair

You kids gotta lot of energy..

Homie, McNulty, Perez, Guffy, and Berle

Expect to see inverts from Elijah Berle in 2012..

Elijah Berle

One side of Blake’s face (from the Red Room) says ‘hey come on in, have a good time’ while the other side says ‘you fuck anything up an I’ll kill you!’

Two-Faced Blake

A few of skateboardings young rabble-rousers; Reyes, Perez, and Berle..

David, Stevie, Elijah

Sierra loves apple juice with Hennessy, aka Happy Juice..

Sierra and Hanne

Skateboarding rookies and legends partying together in harmony, its a beautiful thing..

Elijah and Patrick


Collin and Daveed

Abdias’ girlfriend Colby hurt my feelings with her hand gestures..

Abdias and Colby

I don’t always drink at the Red Room…

The Most Interesting Man In The World And Abe Lincoln

….but when I do.. I drink with Blake an a half ass Abe Lincoln..

MIMITW, Abe, and Blake

Lee had a few things to say about this girls raccoon head..

Dupont and Rancoon Head Girl

Das Hon..


Sierra and Hanne learn how to dance..

Fist Pumpers

I think Mario and Sierra are about to kick my ass?!..

Sierra and Mario

Two of my favorite nutcase’s Pat Pasquale and Jimmy Carlin..

Pat, and Jimmy

Pete was down with the DJ..

Pete and the DJ

..and the doggeyz..

Pete and Doggey

Everybody wants a photo with The Sinner..

Bobier and Pasquale

Goin’ thru the motions..

Red Room

Aussie Alex..


CCC Cool, Calm, Collected.. Always, Julian Davidson..

Julian Davidson

Good to see all the homeys out..

All the hemies

Especially this guy..


…And this guy..

The Hon

Abdias was really hyped to have his picture taken with this guy for some reason..

Abdias and his boi

Don’t really remember any of this..


J-Hon next thing I know I’m getting kicked out the van!..

Fat Worthless Fuck

Good thing my boy Shize had my back and put me up for the night..
Thanks for comin’ out… Until next time.