Maloof Money Cup DC

09.03.11 – The Skateboard Mag

MMC Washington DC is finally done after a long but exciting weekend. It rained, it dried up, then it got brutally humid with scorching temperatures, but none of that affected the level of skating that was witnessed. Respect to all the dudes that showed up and gave it their all..especially Ronnie Creager and Andrew Reynolds. Watching their final head to head battle was one of the raddest things I’ve ever seen a contest come to. Pure inspiration.
gGeoff Rowley_Frontside Kickflip
cCurren Caples_Frontside Pop shove it
tTaylor Smith_Frontside Feeble
gGilbert Crockett_Backside Five -O
dDaniel Lutheran_Backside Noseblunt slide
t2Taylor Smith_Backside Smith
jJohnny Layton_No Comply flip
eElijah Berle_Backside Air
kKeegan Sauder_Nosegrind
obamaPresident Obama flew by
cChima Ferguson_Switch Bigflip
k2Keegan Sauder_doubles with Elijah
j2Johnny Layton_Frontside Kickflip
e2Elijah Berle_Nosebluntslide
colinColin Provost_Ollie
creagerRonnie Creager_Switch Frontside Flip
the bossAndrew Reynolds_Kickflip Lipslide
party160 Large.