Fresh Crops: Jai Tanju

08.31.11 – The Skateboard Mag

Fresh Crops / Jai Tanju

Ben Reamers crail slide at Grandpa's in Santa Cruz CA 2011

Ben Raemers / Crailslide / Santa Cruz, California

Jason Adams nose blunt slider at Snatch park in San Diego CA 2011

Jason Adams / Noseblunt Slide / Snatch Park, California

Jason Adams curb waxing in Oceanside CA 2011

Jason Adams / Slappy Sauce / Old Town San Diego, California

P-Stone filming and drinking at Zarosh Eggleston's Cachagua up in Carmel Valley CA 2011

Cachagua / Carmel Valley, California

Caswell Berry and Falcor watch the action during the Tiltmode Army's Beet League contest 2011

Caswell and Falcor / San Jose, California

Lucky shadow play of Chris Patton five-0 to fakie in Lake Tahoe CA during the Endless Scummer trip 2010

Chris Patton / Five-0 To Fakie / Lake Tahoe, California

Matt Eversole board retrieval in Lake Tahoe CA during the Endless Scummer trip 2010

Matt Eversole / Endless Scummer / Lake Tahoe, California

Louie Barletta five finger discount at the Mansion in San Jose CA 2011

Louie Barletta / San Jose, California

Board stack in Zack Wallin room at the Mansoin in San Jose CA 2011

San Jose, California

Ben Reamers getting some grindage over the stairs at Buena vista pool in Santa cruz CA 2011

10° Ben Raemers / Carve Grind / Santa Cruz, California