Contenders Cody Davis

04.23.11 – The Skateboard Mag

Text by mike franklin and timmy knuth°
Photography by chris ortiz°

So what’s up Cody? What are you up to at this moment?
I’m just kicking it with the homies in Long Beach.
How’s the skating going? Are you working on anything right now?
Skating is going good. Been skating a lot finishing up my part in the new World video, It’s
Your World. It comes out on 4/20. Check it out.
Sick! Have you been filming all over the place? Where are you staying right now?
I’ve been staying in California at Charlie Thomas and Matt Mendenhal’s houses and have been filming a lot around there. We just got back from a trip to Arizona and got a bunch of shit there too. It was a very productive trip.

So do you think this video part will shout out to people and show them you’re not a contest skater?
I really hope so; I’ve been working hard to make this part as good as I can!
I know you’ve been sponsored for a long time and never had a major video part, are you excited for this one to drop? And what kind of craziness has gone into it?
Yeah, man, I’m super happy and grateful
for everything that’s going on right now, and I’ve been hucking my body down some things the past few months! Battle wounds…
Are you hyped on everyone’s parts in the video that have come out so far?
Yeah, dude, Timmy Knuth’s and Anthony Shelter’s parts were mind blowing. Timmy’s flick nosegrind was top notch.
Good form! How do you like it out in Cali as opposed to Minnesota?
I love Minnesota because it’s home, but it gets too cold out there a lot of the time. I love California because of the good weather and I get to skate all day ’cause the sun’s always out.
So I’ve noticed you have a few tattoos. How old are you now and what are your favorite tattoos that you have?
I’m seventeen now, but I turn eighteen in October. My favorite tattoo is family first on my forearm.
Are you excited to turn eighteen? Now you can finally buy your own cigs!
Yeah, that and I can finally get my own place even though living with my parents was nice.
Oh yeah? So when you get a place, where are you thinking? California or Minnesota?
California for sure. Most likely Long Beach ’cause that’s where most of my friends are.
Yeah, California is good times. Lots of good-looking woman out there! Blondes or brunettes?
I’ll take a brunette.
So what’s your current set-up right now?
8.1″ Anthony Shetler Celtics graphic with Destructo Trucks and Bones Wheels 52s.
Did being on the Camp Woodward show get you laid?
I don’t know if you can say it got me laid, but a lot of people notice me from it.
After you finish your part for the World video, what’s next?
Just gonna keep skating and filming as much as I can and continue to try to get more coverage.