Woodward West Shootout. Contestant #1 Real Skateboards

02.17.11 – Kevin Wilkins

Four teams. Four weeks. Four videos: This is the Woodward West Shootout.

The Skateboard Mag has teamed up with the friendly Woodward camp counselors directly to our north to bring you this four-part video contest — part filmer challenge, part editing challenge, part team challenge. The contestants are none other than Real Skateboards, Foundation, Birdhouse, and Black Label.

We’ll be showing you one video a week for the next month and then announcing the winner with the release of The Skateboard Mag’s 86th issue, due out in the middle of March.

The prize list — to be paid in real American scrilla — looks something like this: 1. $6,000 2. $5,000 3. $4,000 4. $3,000

Please feel free to throw your opinions and comments into the ring and let us know who you think is leading this little comp.

And so, without further ado, we’re proud to present this week’s Woodward West Shootout video contestant: Real Skateboards. Filmed and edited by Dan Wolfe.