Contenders – Boo Johnson

02.09.11 – The Skateboard Mag

Frontside Boardslide. San Pedro, California. Photo: Acosta

text by: shad lambert°

photography by: Shad Lambert and Anthony Acosta°

     I’ve got to admit that sometimes it’s just awesome to run into someone who’s completely hyped on skating—that one guy who’s constantly bouncing around trying crazy tricks with a smile on his face and always looking for homies to go skate with. Basically, the dude who gets everyone else hyped. Well, that dude is Boo Johnson, and we somehow managed to stop him from skating for about ten minutes to do his Contenders interview.

So tell me about this small town you live in Boo.

      Dude, it’s seriously just a little mountain town called Tehachapi. It’s north of LA, past Palmdale, and it’s not too much to look at or skate, but the family and all the good homies live out there so I got much love for Tehachapi.

Did you grow up there?

      Yeah, I’ve lived out there since I was just a li’l dude. Now since I’m about to be eighteen, I’ll be in the valley with the good filmer homie, Burger!

So are you always driving to LA or other spots?

      I’m always on the skate mission, dog! #SkateLife.

Oh so you want to sneak in a Twitter tag, huh? Guess we should let everyone know to follow @Boojohnson1 on Twitter. Anyway, so you’ve got a couple companies flying you around the world now. Does that mess up your school schedule?

      Yeah, I know school should be the number one thing in life, but going on all these trips messed me up in the school life. I’m so far behind it’s crazy. Truth is I’m trying to live the skate life.

Frontside 360 Shove-it. Sherman Oaks, California. Photos: Shad


Tailslide Kickflip Out. Simi Valley, California. Photos: Shad

Do you go to home school now or something?

      I’m in home school right now, actually, but this shit is even harder than regular school! I have no idea what I’m doing.

Dang, well have you seen anything crazy since you’ve been traveling?

      I think the craziest thing I’ve seen on a trip is this fool Luis Tolentino and Ben Hatchell climb a tall-ass coconut tree in Miami! That was on a Swiss trip, fools were so high they’d be dead if they fell.

Where are you living now?

      I got two homes now, dog. Home sweet home in Tehachapi, then I got the Valley house!

So a chill house and a skate house? Sounds pretty sweet.

      Yeah in Tehachapi I live with my mom, who’s the queen of the house, two li’l sister princesses, Alicia and Sophia, plus my brother, Isaiah. Then over in our Valley crib we got Jose “Hamburger” Barajas and Brandon Del Bianco.

Is the other spot like an Element skate house?

      I wish, dude. They need to make one. We do have mad Element heads roll, though.

So you’ve got some crazy tricks you can do, what made you want to learn those frontside 360 shove-its?

      Front three pops? Dang, man, I don’t know. I just wanted to learn a trick that I didn’t see too many people doing and somehow I learned them.

You ever skate a real backyard pool?

      Yeah I cruised with Deville and Ben Hatchell to a couple back in the day. I just remember falling mad hard and sitting down watching all the old-timers shred.

Do you like skating transition?

      I like skating everything. Transition is mad hard, but I’ll still try to shred it.

If you had to choose between trying to jump the MegaRamp or grinding a 50-stair rail, what would you choose?

      For sure the rail. I have no idea what would happen if I tried to jump the damn Mega! I’ll leave that for Bob.

Who are three of your favorite skaters?

      Top three: Bryan Herman because he’s an OG skate hero. Marquis Preston ’cause

he has mad steez. And my new guy who jumped in third would have to be Felipe-he’s just too tight to explain.

What’s your most used iPhone app?

      You mean iPhone 4 app? Probably Twitter or Facebook.

You jailbreak it?

      Naw, man, this phone is chillin’.

If you were offered a deal for a free Blackberry with free service for life with the condition that you could never use an iPhone again, would you take it?

      Naw, man, I’ll pass on that offer. The iPhone 4 is just too buttery.

What you got planned for 2011?

      I got big plans, going into 2011 with mad motivation.

Nice, anything else?

      Yeah I just wanted to say thanks to my family, Pharmacy, Supra, KR3W, Element, Ashbury, Stance, Venture, Bones, Grizzly, Diamond, and Swiss. Oh and definitely some shout-outs to all the good homies for the good times—Jeremy G, BFK, Tyler, Blake B, Damon F, Ray F, Brett M, Vinko P, Burger, Jared L, and Brown.