Street League Vegas

09.28.10 – The Skateboard Mag

Street League / Vegas

Street League wrapped up its first season this weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hot sums up the skating and climate. Ed Dominick, Jeremy Adams, and I took a little road trip out to sin city to catch some action. Check out what we saved for the internet.

chris cole sizing it up

Chris Cole considering his options. Photo: Mayer

prod switch tre dominick

Paul Rodriguez / Switch 360 Flip / Photo: Dominick

mark appleyard 360 kickflip

Mark Appleyard / 360 Kickflip / Photo: Adams

dylan rieder impossible tailgrab

Dylan Rieder / Impossible Tail Grab / Photo: Adams

nugget nollie backside flip

Shane O’neil / Nollie Backside Flip / Photo: Adams

nyjah nollie inward heel

Nyjah Houston / Nollie Inward Heel / Photo: Adams

tommy gunz fs flip

Tommy Sandoval / Frontside Flip / Photo: Admas

p rod switch back tail

Paul Rodriguez / Switch Back Tail / Photo: Mayer

eric koston front blunt

Eric Koston / Front Blunt / Photo: Adams

jumbo tron scoring system

Jumbotron live scoring. Photo: Mayer

Nyjah kickflip backlip

Nyjah Huston / Kickflip Backlip / Photo: Dominick

domp fs feeble

Nick Dompierre / Front Feeble / Photo: Dominick

TK front crooks

Terry Kennedy / Front Crook / Photo: Dominick

koston on the pod squad

Koston on the pod squad. Photo: Mayer

finals crew

Finals time. Photo: Mayer

chris cole nosegrind

Chris Cole / Nosegrind / Photo: Adams

nyjah houston krook

Nyjah Huston / Crooked Grind / Photo: Mayer

ryan checkler fs feeble

Ryan Sheckler / Front Feeble / Photo: Mayer

chaz ortiz fs blunt

Chaz Ortiz / Front Blunt / Photo: Adams

mj nosegrind swift

Marc Johnson / Nosegrind / Photo: Swift

t puds backsmith swift

Torey Pudwill / Back Smith / Photo: Swift

billy marks nollie inward heel

Billy Marks / Nollie Inward Heel / Photo: Dominick

ryan sheckler half cab flip

Ryan Sheckler / Half-Cab Flip / Photo: Dominick

Mikey Taylor Noseblunt

Mikey Taylor / Noseblunt / Photo: Dominick

nyjah houston kickflip fs board

Nyjah Houston / Kickflip Front Board / Photo: Adams

sean malto overcrooks

Sean Malto / Backside Overcooks / Photo: Adams

rob always busy

Rob being busy. Photo: Adams

and the winner is

And the winner is? Photo: Mayer

nugget winner

Nugget killed it. Make sure you tune in this Wednesday at 5PM on ESPN2 to see how it really went down. Photo: Mayer