Contenders: Vincent Thomas

08.19.10 – The Skateboard Mag

Kinked Frontside 50-50 Photo: Matthew Thorne

Skate spots are like magnets that never fail to cause you to cross paths with familiar faces. In the past year those strange forces have run me straight into Vincent Thomas a couple times, which, yeah, I know, is not really anything out of the ordinary…but the way Vincent absolutely destroyed these spots? Yeah, that made everyone take notice. Read on and peep some shots, you’re sure to take notice of a few things that make Vincent a perfect Contender.

So I ran into you in Phoenix a bit ago. Where you at now?

I’m at my house in H-town, Houston, just chillin‘, dude.

How’s the skate scene in Houston?

It’s pretty cool. A lot of people skating. We got all the old school street spots and a lot of park dudes skating it up. I actually work at the City of Houston skatepark. It’s called the Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark.

Texas likes to make stuff big, huh?

Ha, yeah. So big the city makes you wear helmets and stuff.

Oh man, so you have to be the guy that has to tell people to wear their helmets?

Ah man, I don’t like doing that. Sometimes I gotta do it for the job, but I’m not like a dick about it. I just mention it and everyone’s cool. I’m not trying to be helmet police.

So what do you guys do for fun in Houston?

I just go to work, skate, try to save my money, so not really partying like I used to.

Yeah, you were saying how you’ve been working a lot and it’s crazy ’cause all you want to do is skate.

Yeah. I’m working all the time so I can try to save some money to get back out to Cali.

Nollie Flip Into Pool Photo: Shad

Kickflip Front Board Photo: Shawn Mefford

Nollie Backside Lipslide
Photo: Shad

That’s what’s up. A lot of dudes save money so they can go live the skate life for a while.

Yeah, ’cause when I got out of high school last year I just skated for a year and met a bunch of people, went on as many skate trips as I could. But I was kind of bummin‘ on cash, so this year it’s like I got a job and I’m gonna save up money to do it the right way.

How much you trying to save up to go live the skate life?

Oh dude, I’m trying to save up a lot so I can just skate for a while. Like I wish I could save like $10,000. Who knows, though?

Dang! You could couch surf for while on that. What techniques do you use to save money right now?

Well like every check I get, almost all of it goes into my savings. Not trying to waste it. I’m living on that ramen noodles saving plan.

So you’re like on a mission!

Hell, yeah. Every time I go out there, I love just skating all the time. Love the vibe with all the homies in Cali.

I think a lot of kids who grow up in Cali kind of take that for granted. They don’t know that they got it pretty good out here for skating. Seems like people outside of Cali kind of appreciate it more.

I just can’t wait to go back and skate. I got some family out there, got a cousin in San Diego. So I can probably crash with him for a bit. Plus I could come shred with you in LA.

So you said you go to church?

Yeah. I’m not super religious. I believe in like a relationship with God, but I go to church a lot. It’s good.

Cool. So give us the breakdown of how the Texas trifecta is. The skate cities are Dallas, Houston, and Austin right?

All right, well, Austin is like the party scene city, those guys work, party, and skate all night. The Austin skate scene is pretty cool. Dallas has a bunch of rippers, lot of cool spots, gnarly stuff. Plus there are so many parks—those kids kill the parks. And in Houston, man, we’re pretty chill. All the Houston spots are pretty spread out.

Nollie Backside Heel Photo: Shigeo

Which one’s your favorite city to skate?

I’d have to say Dallas. They have a lot of big rails and stairs. That’s the stuff I like to skate.

So you were saying you’re saving up a bunch of footy?

Man, since I started working I can’t street skate all the time like I used to, so every clip I get I’m trying to hold on to. Really want to put out a part.

What do we got to do to get five tricks for a Rip Clip from you, fool? You know I’m gonna bug you for that.

Yeah, I know, I’ll see what’s up. I’ll get with you on that.

Hell, yeah. You getting hooked up from any sponsors right now?

Yeah, I’m getting hooked up from A-Front Skateshop, they’re in downtown Houston. Anthony Correa is the owner of that shop.

OG Texas ripper.

Yeah, that shop was my first sponsor. And I get flow from Element skateboards, Supra, and KR3W. Like to give a shout to all those guys for helping me out, and all the H-Town homies!