Festivus: OTW Launch Party

05.17.10 – The Skateboard Mag

Festivus / OTW Launch Party

Van’s celebrated the launch of their OTW collection this weekend at 7th Street Lofts in downtown LA. An open bar and DJ sets by Earl Boykins, The Blackouts, and the RZA kept the crowds moving all night. The walls were covered with original art and photography by Atiba and Ako Jefferson, Dimitri Coste, Eric Elms, and Mr. Cartoon. Here’s what the night might have looked like. Below photos by Atiba Jefferson, Ian Macdonald, Brett Ashley, and Austin Mayer.

cartoon blacking out

fule tv OTW party

fuel tv otw party2

acosta and van doran

homie and his chick otw launch party

heath and tim OTW launch

huf otw launch party

mr cartoon

free patron otw launch party

twins again otw launch

street legue

no idea otw launch

oreo sandwitch otw launch

cullen blair adrianna otw

boosh sharon otw

ako and who knows

rooftop party otw launch

blackouts otw launch party

rza otw launhc party

ivo jannseen otw launch party

desighner otw launch party

bob and ball

party photo otw launch party

teebs and who knows otw launch party

christina rici otw launch party

reegan otw launch party

atiba ang better half otw launch

security otw launch partyt

otw line 1

otw line 2

otw line 3

otw line 4