Contenders: Nico Magalhaes

03.09.10 –

Contenders: Nico Magalhaes

Nico Magalhaes, Noseslide Transfer

Noseslide Transfer.

Text by Chris Nieratko°

Photography by Matt Price°

Move over, Alex Olson; there’s a new handsome face taking the stage of international sexy skateboarding.

Allow me introduce you to New Jersey’s Finest, Nico Magalhaes. Look for him stapled to the bedroom walls of teenage girls everywhere very soon. It’s no wonder Jim Thiebaud has taken Nico under his wing and hooked him up across the board with Real, Thunder, and Spitfire; Jim is jealous of his good looks, and he’ll be damned if he lets Girl get even one more ounce of sexy.

Think it doesn’t hurt Thiebaud here (pointing to my heart) when his guys are referred to as beasts? Think again.

Nico might rip on a skateboard and look good doing it, but he looks even better in a mirror. And those looks are exactly what Deluxe is banking on. Did someone say, “Walk off!”?

How many last names do you have and why?
I have one last name that has such a terrible Portuguese spelling that I decided to simplify so people can actually say the damn thing. But someone told me that I made it even more confusing. I don’t know. Kids started calling me Nico Suave in high school for a while. I might have to just stick with that, fuck it.
Is it hard being as handsome as you are?
[Laughing] I don’t really like talking to girls, man, you know. If they’re willing to approach me first for some reason though, I’m down. Otherwise I’m sayin’ fuck it and raging with my homies instead of blowing it with girls. That is the way-more-fun approach.
Nico Magalhaes, Ollie


Why skateboarding? Why not male modeling?
Let’s see. They can’t drink beer and have to watch their calorie intake. They probably shower six times more often than I like to. They use hair products … I make my own the natural way.
Who wants to have sex with you more? Johnny Cash fans or Joaquin Phoenix fans?
More people come up to me to tell me I look like the guy who plays Johnny Cash. So probably the Joaquin fans. I got a free beer once for looking similar to that man, so cheers to him.

Kids started calling me Nico Suave in high school for a while. I might have to just stick with that.

Nico Magalhaes, Switch Tailslide

Switch Tailslide.

Does having a friend that looks like the dude in Twilight help you get laid?
I bet we’d kill it together because people also tell me I look like that dude. Kinda bums me out, but if you’re looking like the guy that a million girls wanna fuck, then you’re making their dreams come true one at a time. I can dig it.
You are in college and still deliver pizzas? Why?
Note to everyone who doesn’t deliver pizza:
You should totally deliver pizza. I don’t have much time during the week with all these bullshit classes, and for me, working two half days delivering pizza, I make close to 300 a week. Probably average around seventeen bucks an hour if you were to figure it all out. Not to mention pizza rules and I get to eat it for free all day while I’m working. What could be better than that?
Have you ever had a desperate housewife invite you in the house?
There was one time where I delivered to a group of drunk middle-aged women downing wine at like 4:00 p.m. They invited me in and were kind of flirting with me for a while. I guess I was super busy at work or they weren’t really good looking enough for me to try and pull some kind of a move. I did get to make out with a 37-year-old while staying with Price, though. That was pretty fucking crazy; she was old enough to have been my mom. Thanks Matt for showing me a radical time.
Nico Magalhaes, Shifty Nosebonk

Shifty Nosebonk.

Remember that time you guys almost got me a DUI in Miami because you wanted to go to a shitty party? That was awesome, right?
Actually, I heard later on that first party we didn’t make it to was the best one out of all of them. We did almost get you a DUI because there was about seven drunk dudes in a van driving down South Beach. But, hey! Who’s the guy who forgot to turn on the headlights? Yeahhhhhhhh.
You wear girly tight pants and yet you drive a Fast and the Furious automobile. Tell the world what the make, model, and color is, including the rim color, so the world can try and picture you rolling.
I’m sure everyone knows about the whole rally cross, because that shit is pretty fucking cool. Ninety-five through a dirt trail is nuts. You ever see the crashes? It’s super gnarly. So I drive a Subaru WRX. It’s the rally blue color with gold rims. You can hate all you want, man, but I think it’s tight. Subarus rule and that car shreds when I gotta get somewhere. Steve [Leonardo] can vouch for me on this one!

Nico Magalhaes, Nosegrind


Note to everyone who doesn’t deliver pizza; You should totally deliver pizza … I make close to 300 a week.

Earlier this year you went to SF to visit Deluxe. Was Thiebaud wearing the ponytail hat I gave him when you went to visit?
[Laughing] No I’m almost sure Jim retired that one a while ago. He did like the note you had me deliver though: “Do the Distance.” I’ve yet to read that, but I’d like to if I could find it. Speaking of whom, I’d like to give a serious thank you to Deluxe, Brad Handel, and Jim Thiebaud for keeping me rolling on the best boards in skateboarding.
Nico is on flow for Real, Spitfire, Thunder, C1RCA, Volcom, NJ Skateshop, and Vinnie’s Pizzeria.