Contenders: Daniel Lutheran

02.22.10 –

Daniel Lutheran, Noseblunt

Over the gap and up to noseblunt. For Daniel’s full New Jack, check issue #73 of The Skateboard Mag—in skateshops now. Photo: Lambert

Text by Shad Lambert°

Photography by Shad Lambert and Anthony Acosta°

Daniel Lutheran is a master of deception. Seemingly harmless, laid back, polite, and I’m quite sure a multitude of people have even described him as “chill.”

Yeah, well, people are stupid. Those are the classic things they always say about psychopathic serial killers. Just watch this guy get near a skateboard and you’ll see all that suppressed aggression transform into a tidal wave of mutilation. Don’t let the shorts and sandals fool you.

So Daniel, what’s the best thing about living in Albuquerque, New Mexico?
Well, we get all four seasons and really good skate spots that are close to each other. Small town vibes, but it’s got a downtown area too. We got mountains, hiking trails, lakes, and cool nature adventures you can’t really do in a big city.
What’s the worst thing about living there?
I don’t know, there’s some lurkers around.
Is there tons of meth like in the TV show Breaking Bad? Because that show is awesome.
Ha, well it’s not spot on, but there is a drug problem and the crime rate is up because of that.
It’s kind of close to the border and there’s that drug war going down in Mexico, it spills over a bit.
So here’s an example of how drugs can be cool, because the cops don’t care about skateboarding as much?
Yeah they don’t care much, it’s mellow. I got a warning once but I’ve never got a ticket.
Bruised my ribs, got a concussion from hitting the side of my face, and I bashed my knee so hard I had fluid in it for a couple weeks.
Daniel Lutheran, 5-0

Five-0 steepness. Photo: Lambert

Are you bummed the nickname Mr. New Mexico is already taken by the skater known as Mr. New Mexico?
Maybe. Actually, not really.
Dang. Hey, so about a year ago you were just chilling in New Mexico and then you kinda came out of nowhere and dropped your Mag Minute. What happened after that?
Whew! Yeah, before then the farthest I
would travel to skate was Phoenix sometimes. Wasn’t really traveling or hooking up with other skaters. I kind of got flowed a few things every once in a while, but then that Mag Minute came out and shit started happening. Like I sent tons of footy to Toy Machine because they’re my favorite company, figured it was just a shot in the dark. Then Mike Sinclair started helping me out, giving me some trial packages, and I just been
skating my hardest since. Couldn’t be more stoked.
And now you’re kind of like the New Mexico spot tour guide?
Yeah kinda, it’s so sick. So much fun, showing some of the Vans dudes and other homies around right now. Anthony Acosta’s out here, Dylan Rieder, Andrew Allen, Jon Goemann, and Greg Hunt.
Daniel Lutheran, Switch Heelflip

Switch heel. Photo: Acosta

Wow, you’re showing around some talented dudes. When are you going to go back and rematch that rail you almost died on?
Ah man, that rail fucked me up for sure. Bruised my ribs, got a concussion from hitting the side of my face, and I bashed my knee so hard I had fluid in it for a couple weeks. It was like a swell-bow on my knee.
So you took a beating on that and you still want to go back to it?
Hell, yeah. Anthony Acosta is here this weekend so if we run out of spots, fuck it! I want to see what happens.
Now that you got some packages coming in, do you have better outfits to choose from than bright green shirts and yellow shoes?
Dude, my clothes have always been sick, you’re just jealous that’s all.
You should have taken my fashion advice seriously. I told you not to wear that outfit for that photo.
Oh, shit, I know what you’re talking about now. Thought we were talking about my shorts you hate. Yeah, I blew it on that.

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Daniel Lutheran, 50-50

The infamous curved Sunset rail has been spied by quite a few people for a 50-50. Daniel put it down first time he ever saw it—twice. Photo: Lambert

We get all four seasons and really good skate spots that are close to each other.

Oh, thanks for reminding me—are you still rocking your shorts and sandal leisure wear?
Fuck yeah. I back that kit so deep.
That’s why you can’t get chicks in Cali, you rock the weird chiller gear.
Nah, you’re crazy.
Really? You’re able to pull girls in your hometown? You got a hometown hero thing going on or something?
Not really, but there are cool girls here for sure. I won a backpack once that actually said HOMETOWN HERO on it. I won it in Phoenix, though, so it was a lie.
Seems like you been skating a lot, getting a lot of photos and clips. What’s the secret? Less partying or what?
Well I like to party too, but just seems like every day I really want to skate. When I’m in California there are so many people to go skate with I can do it every day easily. And when I’m back home I’m always skating a park and some spots.
Sounds like you’re living the life these days, Daniel. Who’s been helping you on your skate quests?
Oh, there’s mad individuals and people who have helped me out. KR3W, Toy Machine, Pig Wheels, Vans, Ashbury, all those guys are the shit. And the hometown shop Beach Zone, there’s no beach but I’m backing ’em! Oh yeah, be sure to put that my parents back me; they’re the best.