Contenders: Blue Turner

02.10.10 –

Contenders: Blue Turner

Blue Turner, Frontside Feeble

Frontside Feeble.

Text by Will Grayson°

Photography by Jeff Landi°

It’s easy to see why Sacramento’s been blowing up lately. Good weather, good spots, and good skaters. One of the up-and-coming rippers from Sac Town is Blue Turner. The kid is sick! He’s got a good head on his shoulders, plus he’s a beast on his board. Definitely someone you should keep your eye out for in the near future.

Hey. Whadup?!
Nothing really. What’s good with you?
Nothing much here either. Why do they call you Blue?
It’s my middle name. And my mom was gonna change it to my real name, but we would have had to go all the way back to Denver to do that. But people have just called me Blue my whole life. So it’s pretty much my real name.
Oh, I just thought you were bummed all the time or something. So what’s Sacramento been like lately?
It’s been sick. A lot of good weather lately.
That’s good. I know the summers out there get pretty hot.
Yeah it’s pretty damn hot. I usually kick it at the river during the day and skate at night.
How’s the skating been out there?
It’s tight. It seems like it’s been blowing up lately. A lot of people have been taking trips out here to come skate. A lot of new spots have been popping up here and there.
So who are you getting hooked up by right now?
Well, I’m getting shit from NikeSB, Alien, Analog, Force Trucks, and FTC Sac.
How’d you get all that started?
I would just skate the Hangar all day, pretty much. And that’s how I became homies with Omar [Salazar]. Then I started going out filming and stuff and he just hooked it up from there.
What’s the Hangar?
It’s a bunch of ramps and boxes inside of this old airplane hangar that the city turned into a skatepark. It’s pretty dope.
Sounds legit. So what’s Omar been up to lately?
He fucked up his foot pretty bad but he’s back on his board shredding. Go check out his 3rd Degree at DLX.
I heard you’ve been playing Halo lately?
Yeah, I’ve been nerding out lately. Playing online and shit.
How do you have time for that? What about school?
Dropped out, bro!
Really? Damn, that sucks.
Nah. I didn’t. I just do this independent study thing where I go once a week and get homework for the week.
Blue Turner, Kickflip


Blue Turner, Feeble


Hit me on my Ghettro!

That sounds too easy. Are you even learning anything?
Yeah, it’s pretty easy, but they give you hella work, and you have tests and shit each week.
So what’s a normal day for you look like?
Wake up. Eat some food. Try to do a little bit of homework. Meet up with all the homies at Mather and skate for a little. Then go street skate.
So who have you been skating with lately?
All the Sac homies. We’re trying to make a video.
How’s that been going?
It’s going good. All the homies have been getting tight shit lately. Hopefully, we can keep it going and put something together.
So what’s up with you wearing all black and Stefans all the time? Why don’t you switch it up?
Well, Stefans are my favorite shoe to skate, ’cause they’re thin and shit. And I usually wear all black because I’m down with it. No emo!
Oh. I thought you were gonna audition for the new Twilight movie.
Fuck you and fuck vampires.
Easy there, buddy. It’s just an observation. Actually, I noticed you grip over your bolts too.
Yeah. On every board. I just don’t really like seeing or feeling my bolts.
Then how do you know you’re landing something “bolts”?
I guess I don’t. Ha ha.
And speaking of observations, your boards are always looking pretty worn out.
They’re not as worn out as they look or whatever. But yeah, I usually skate them until they’re completely done.
Being resourceful, huh? So what’s your Twitter game looking like right now? How many followers are you at?
None. Twitter doesn’t work with my ghetto phone service.
What service is that? Metro PCS?
Yep. Hit me on my Ghettro!
Well, let’s wrap things up here. Are there any homies you want to thank or anything?
Omar, Landi, Chad at AWS, Andy and Hunter, Ears, the homies at FTC Sac, Alan Hannon, my mom and the rest of the family, and all the homies!

I usually kick it at the river during the day and skate at night.
Blue Turner, Crooked Grind

Crooked Grind.