Contenders: Andrew Elliot

01.25.10 –

Contenders: Andrew Elliot

Andrew Elliot, Frontside Blunt

Frontside Blunt.

Text by Austin Mayer°

Photography by Bart Jones°

Andrew kills it at so many things. High-limit blackjack, first-person shooters, not having a day job, and being a movie critic. You could say he has a few backup plans. Andrew is back in Ohio for the moment, so the spots in Southern California have been getting a break from his killing spree, but I’m sure he’ll be back soon. Until then, check out his Contenders.

Andrew Elliot, Smith Pop-Out

Smith Pop-Out.

So when are you coming back out to California?
Hopefully soon. I found a ticket the other day for $200.
For good or just to visit?
To visit for like two weeks or so. I don’t have money to live there anymore.
Bummer. You about to get your first job or just live trife?
No job. I’m over a job. I’m just gonna suffer as long as I can ’til a job is necessary.
Everybody knows you as being from Ohio, but you’ve always told me you were born in LA.
When did you actually move to Ohio?
I lived in California ’til sixth grade. Then I moved to Cincinnati, lived there ’til I was eighteen, and then went back out to California.
Tell me a little bit about skating in Ohio? Can you skate year-round? All the spots looked pretty jacked.
There’s so much good shit to skate out here. You can’t really skate outside from November ’til around March but that’s what planes are for, right? There’s a shit ton of spots, though. Just watch the Habitat video.
What made you get out of Ohio at eighteen and move to Long Beach? Who were you staying with out there?
I came out and stayed with my homies Jeff, Zack, and Trout in Long Beach. They told me I could stay with them for cheap so I got my shit and moved back a few weeks later. I just wanted to be back out there.
Then why head to Denver? How did you get hurt out there?
I just wanted to cruise around. It’s so legit out there. I got out there and broke my ankle within an hour of getting off the plane.
No job. I’m over a job. I’m just gonna suffer as long as I can ’til a job is necessary.
Andrew Elliot, Tailslide Fakie

Tailslide Fakie.

Tell me about your most recent injury. I know it didn’t involve skating.
Yeah, the second time I was at the homie’s who had just moved into a new house. So I passed out on his couch, woke up in the middle of the night, and had to piss. I thought I was at his old house, and the bathroom was in his room so I always just pissed off the balcony. So I went to go out what I thought was the door and walked out a two-story window.
Didn’t you hang there for a while? Did you try and get help or just take the slam?
I actually caught myself, hung there for a second, and looked between my legs to make sure there was nothing I could catch my feet on. I didn’t even think of yelling for someone. I just had to let go and try and take it to my feet. I was hanging on by my fingertips just suffering.
So two-story drop to your feet and you were wearing socks. Where did it go from there?
No shoes, just socks. I tried to stand up, because I thought I was fine and realized my left foot was fucked so I laid down, yelled fuck a few times, then crawled to the stairs, hopped up three flights, and got someone to take me to the UCLA hospital.
You found out your foot was broken and decided to go back to Ohio for surgery and rehab. What all had to be done?
My foot wasn’t broken. I just broke all of my toes in my left foot, shattered three of them. Had to have fifteen stitches where my toes just exploded out the sides. Then I was on crutches for three months, physical therapy for a month, and then I could finally start skating again.
I know this injury changed your plans a bit.
Who are you riding for now and what are your plans as far as skating?
I ride for Alien Workshop, C1RCA, RVCA and Pacific Drive. I mean, I’d like to move back sometime, but I don’t have the funds to do that right now so I’m just trying to get out there as much as I can and shoot some photos and stack footage.

Andrew Elliot, Blunt


When you lived in SD, you lived in a pretty bad area. Any bad times living in City Heights?
Not really. It was pretty mellow. Matt Williams’ car got broken into but that was really the only shitty thing. There was a lot of good Mexican food spots around there, though.
Didn’t Matt get robbed at gunpoint and the dude didn’t even take anything?
Matt heard his alarm going off, so he ran out there and the dude pointed a gun at him. Matt came back to get us, and by the time we got outside the dude had left and didn’t take anything. He had like an iPod and GPS in there too.
It was crazy. He shattered his window, though. That sucked.
When are we gonna see the benihana down Carlsbad gap? Why didn’t you put that in your Mag Minute?
Damn, I don’t even know where to find that footage. I think the only footage of it is in that Cannonball Run video. I think Kasper already handled it years ago, too.
You want to end this with the whole thank-you thing?
Yeah, sure. Just thanks to my parents, the homies, and everyone who’s ever helped me out. Good looks!
I think Kasper already handled it years ago, too.