Merry Deathwish Demo Photos

12.29.09 –

Hi, everyone My name is Jeremy Adams. I shot some photos at the Merry Deathwish, Baker, and Shake Junt demo. Sorry took like eleven days to post but I am a rookie at this and I needed some extra help. Thanks to Kevin, Swift, and Atiba for letting me guest post and hope to post some more soon.

The crowd by the product toss! apw7b3u8
Erik Ellington and Julian. apw7b3u8
Albert Madrid showed up. apw7b3u8
Jim getting swamped for his John Hancock. apw7b3u8
Ramiro “Furby” Salcedo off that 8hundo. apw7b3u8
I caught Theotis off guard with my new haircut. That explains the face. apw7b3u8
Shane “Shake Junt” for life. apw7b3u8
Moose KYS. apw7b3u8
Even little Louie Lopez showed up. The Dirty represent. apw7b3u8
The Nuge. apw7b3u8
Bryan Herman. apw7b3u8
The Boss getting that The Skateboard Mag Animal Chan chat. All smiles for the Boss. apw7b3u8
Paul “Animal” Chan. apw7b3u8
Beagle getting love too on an OG Baker poster. apw7b3u8
Guess whose shoes?apw7b3u8
Big Candy/Antwuan Dixon holding it down. apw7b3u8
Even the Boss has to wait to skate the stairs. apw7b3u8
So why wait to go down when you can go up? apw7b3u8
Backside flip up the stairs. apw7b3u8
Moose getting it in. Kickflip noseslider. apw7b3u8
Shane, it is good to see you back on your board. Nollie backside heelflip. apw7b3u8
Big switch tre down the stairs. Andrew “The Boss” Reynolds. apw7b3u8
Thanks to Deathwish, Baker, Shake Junt, and everyone who helped the event. It was dope. See you guys and girls next year.