Contenders: Elijah Berle

10.30.09 – Shad Lambert

Wallride. Photo: Sam Muller
Interview by Austin Mayer

Elijah Berle has managed, somehow, to become a man before the age of fifteen. No little-kid style here, just full-grown pop for full-sized spots. That always makes for a good Contenders.


Ollie. Photo: Bart Jones

I got a text from her saying, “There is something weird about you. Please don’t contact me ever again.

So what did you think of this year’s Crossroads?

I don’t like those types of events. It’s like no one has time to talk to you. The conversations are always like, “Hey. What up?” “Nothing. How you been?” “Good.” “Okay, later.” The water gap event was cool, though.

I missed that day. Who was killing it?

My friend Tim [Williams] was shredding in every event, even the barrel jump, and that dude Frecks is awesome.

I heard Tim made some cash skating that thing. It was also his birthday. Didn’t you guys come back and party after?

[Laughing] Not really partied. Kinda like a barbequed with a couple friends at Tim’s parent’s house. He lives in this shed in the back of his parent’s house. That’s where I stay when I come down to San Diego.

You guys take turns hooking up with girls in the shed? Do you think you’ve gotten more action than Tim in there?

No way. It’s usually when he goes to the bar or something then I can use it. It’s only gone down once.

Back Lip

Back lip. Photo: Sam Muller

When did you skip from kid to man? You completely missed the whole awkward teenage pimple years.

I don’t know. I get one here and there.

You just started riding for Pacific Drive, right? What’s so sick about that shop that has everybody down to ride for them?

Their fuck-it attitude is sick. It is a real core skateshop that carries all the sick brands, and I don’t mind wasting the day lurking there.

180 Fakie 5-0

180 fakie five-0. Photos: Sam Muller

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I know they carry a lot of brands that support you. Who would that be?

Foundation, Emerica, Altamont, Pig, and Pacific Drive.

You seem to be into older women. Tell me about the most recent one who might have suspected your real age and cut you off?

It’s not really that cool, but I was talking to this girl and it was going good and then one night I get a text from her saying, “There is something weird about you. Please don’t contact me ever again.”

How does a normal day of home school go versus real school?

Get up, get coffee, sit in my room and do work for like three hours. Versus waking up early, having to leave my house, and being late every day. Plus I don’t have to worry about any annoying teachers because I only have one.

When I first met you, you had the dirt bag steez going. Now you’re all cleaned up, haircut, nice clothes. What made you switch it up?

I still wear jeans and a T-shirt. All I did was cut my hair. Just getting it out of my face? No more beanies.

What’s the deal with calling me a pencil pusher for wanting to go to Subway? Describe a pencil pusher to me?

Someone who works an incredibly boring job. Most likely the person also exudes extreme boringness. Those people go to Subway.

You just got back from Ohio. How do the spots compare to LA?

I hate LA. I really like the Midwest. It’s mellower, for sure. The spots are amazing and endless. I can’t wait to get back out there.

Who did you stay with out there?

I stayed with my friend Andrew [Elliot]. It was funny because the only thing in his house is a bed, a fridge, and couch. He is the best person to skate with because he knows every spot ever and how to get to it, and he is pretty good at knowing what people would want to skate.

Let’s do the whole shout-outs thing. Who would you like to thank for keeping you on board?

I would like to thank Justin Regan, Jeff Henderson, Mike Sinclair, PD, Tim Williams, Andrew Elliot, Eric Wall, whoever has driven my ass around, Mom, Dad, and brother.

50-50 transfer. Photo: Sam Muller

50-50 transfer. Photo: Sam Muller