Contenders: Auby Taylor

10.14.09 – Shad Lambert

Text By Shaun Mefford
Photography By Shaun Mefford

As much as this kid can get under my skin, I can’t help but love him at the same time. He’s a trip! You find yourself wondering, is he just really socially awkward, or is it all just a ploy to mess with people’s comfort zone. If there was a ride at the amusement park themed around his mind, I’d be the first in line.

I hate computers. I hate MySpace and Twitter—all that stuff is bullshit.

So you just turned twenty years old. Why are you just now getting your driver’s license?

That’s a low blow, dude. Everyone gives me so much shit about that. I just never got around to it, I guess. I am lazy, I don’t like to drive, and I’m scared of the road—car wrecks and shit. I was already in one wreck and it freaked me out, so I was over it after that. I thought, “I’m putting this off as long as I can.”

What kind of whip you gonna be rolling in?

I have me a nice ’87 gold Chevy Astro Van.

You gonna holler at shorties in it?

Oh, hell yeah, dude. There’s so much room in it. I can get like seven people in there. Seriously, that’s one hell of a gang bang.

You should just pimp it out and get a bed in there.

You know what I was thinking—getting a couple big Index [Skate Supply] stickers and slapping them on both sides, or just give me a 1,000 little ones. Just cover the car head to toe. Have the Index mobile, you know what I mean?

It’s funny you said that, because I was going to ask you if you planned to cover your van in your sponsors’ stickers.

Yeah, like I totally am, dude. Weird. Did I tell you about that or did you come up with that?

No, you didn’t tell me. Crazy coincidence.

Yeah, well that’s what the plan is. Dameon [Index Skate Supply owner] said as long as I can prove to him that I haven’t gotten in a wreck in a certain amount of time, he might be down. But he wants me to set a good example and not drive around knocking over lamp poles and killing little kids.

You don’t want to be like Kirchart and Klein in Destroying America, driving around in a van knocking over stuff?

I mean I want to, but if I have those stickers on my car I have to keep it tame.

Speaking of skate videos, do you have a favorite?

No, there are too many. I guess I’d say Trilogy. Lavar and Marcus McBride’s part are sick … and Time Code. Lenny Kirk!

Nose Blunt

Nose Bluntslide

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So who are your sponsors that you’ll be covering your gold mini an in?

Nike SB flow, Stereo Sound Agency flow, Index Skate Supply, and Ninja bearings.

Your real name is Adam Taylor. Doesn’t the vert Adam Taylor ride for Ninja too?

Yeah, but they put a TX at the end of my name over there. You know, they got a street Adam Taylor and a vert Adam Taylor. That’s a double threat right there [laughing].

So when did you decide to change your name from Adam Taylor to Auby Taylor?

Starting last week. You can call me Auby from now on.

So it’s official?

Yeah, but we still have to do the paperwork and stuff.

Ah, that’s not official then!

No, it’s official.

Basically you made the decision to get it changed.

No, I’m serious. If you ever call me Adam again, I’ll fuck your shit up!

Isn’t your Mag Minute gonna come out as Adam Taylor—Street Skater?

No it’s not! It’s gonna come out as Auby Taylor.

I’ll see what I can do.

Yeah, you make sure that happens!

So why the name change?

I’m taking my dad’s name. I never liked the name Adam, and Auby is that much doper. I’m trying to keep the namesake going.

BS 50-50

Backside 50-50.

It doesn’t have anything to do with there already being an Adam Taylor in the industry?

Well, maybe that’s one of the reasons. There’s actually a couple kids already named Adam Taylor, the vert skater and there’s another street skater too. So I’d rather avoid confusion. Plus, my dad’s name is way doper, and I like my dad and all. He’s dope.

All right, all right.

Those are good reasons, but Auby is a unique name. People probably haven’t heard that before. I don’t know. People might accidentally call me Aubrey, but it’s worth the risk. You having fun over there with your little tape recorder?

Totally. Why are you bad about calling or e-mailing your sponsors?

Ah dude, another low blow. Um, I guess because I’m just hella lazy and I’m always too busy skating. I never get a chance to go to the computer. I hate computers in general. I don’t know what it is about them. They just freak me out. I hate computers. I hate MySpace and Twitter—all that stuff is bullshit.

I agree.

Usually I have no idea what to say. Like, can you give me free product in exchange for me going out and having fun? Really it’s weird. I just don’t like to have to ask. Like, “Hey dude can I get some shoes? I already blew out the two pairs you sent me this week. So um, let me get some more. Let me get four pairs this time. Oh, and check it out, I won this contest the other day …” You know, like all that stuff. I don’t know.

But that’s how it goes; they want to hear from you.

I guess so. If you want to make it in skateboarding, you have to sell yourself. I’m definitely not good at that. I just like skating.

You want the skating to do the talking.

Yeah. I’d rather concentrate on my skating than have to weasel more product. If I need something, I’ll wait until the very last minute. I ask in the most humble way I can. Keep it respectable, which can be a hard thing for me to do sometimes. I’m really just lazy, dude.

BS Flip

Backside Flip.

As long as you keep sending them photos and clips I guess.

Yeah, I mean that’s what I do. I’m down to send them that stuff, but I don’t like to ask for stuff, and I don’t really like to tell them about everything. It just seems like I’m bragging about myself or whatever. I guess they want to hear that and be like, “Oh, this guy’s doing all right.” But it sounds like selling yourself. In reality, dude, one of the reasons I don’t talk to my sponsors enough is because I’m always busy skating. I hate being inside. You can waste so much time on the TV or computer. Shit, I don’t like any technology at all. I’m always losing my cell phone. Those things suck. I hate keeping track of those. Everything sucks except skateboarding, really.

You like to keep it simple.

Keep it simple. I can take care of a few things at once. Skateboarding is cool. I have to feed my dogs every now and then. And I do the dishes. That’s as complex as I want it to get.

Do you have trouble socializing?

No, I don’t.

Sure you do!

Hell no. I only have trouble socializing with women. That’s about it.

No, you have trouble with your friends too.

No, they just can’t take a joke. I like to make people feel as awkward as possible.

You want people to feel awkward?

Well, yeah. If they’re my friends, I just talk shit. It just comes out. Especially after you’ve had a couple beers. Just random shit.

What’s your attitude on life these days since you just lost your job?

Shut up, dude. It will get better. It’s only a temporary stage I guess. I was listening to this Supertramp song, “Take The Long Way Home,” and the lyrics were talking about “your life’s become a catastrophe … it has to be for you to grow” or whatever. So I guess you go through stuff like this, and you learn things along the way that can be beneficial. Next time I’ll learn to check my schedule before going out and skating. As long as I can skateboard, everything is fine.